Cleaning and maintenance of metal sofa legs and their advantages and disadvantages

How to clean the metal sofa legs in daily life? However, what are the advantages and disadvantages of metal sofa legs? Today, the furniture manufacturer will explain one by one.

In our life, metal glass furniture is also very common, and it is also one of the furniture that needs maintenance in our family. Today, we will introduce the common maintenance methods, advantages and disadvantages of metal furniture legs for your reference in life.

DUNCleaning of metal furniture legs

1. Plastic sprayed metal furniture leg

If there are stains on the legs of plastic sprayed metal furniture, wipe them with wet cotton cloth and then dry them with dry cotton cloth. Be careful not to retain moisture.

2. Chrome plated metal furniture legs

Aluminum plated furniture legs cannot be placed in a wet place, otherwise it is easy to rust and even cause the coating to fall off. If the chrome plating film has yellowish brown mesh spots, it is usually scrubbed with neutral oil to prevent its extension. If there are already rust spots, dip the oil stains with cotton thread or brush, apply them on the rust spots for a short period of time, and then wipe them back and forth until the rust is removed. Never polish them with sandpaper. Chrome plated furniture is usually not used. A layer of antirust agent can be coated on the chrome plated layer and placed in a dry place.

3. Titanium plated furniture leg

Of course, the legs of high-quality titanium plated furniture will not rust, but it is best to keep less contact with water and often wipe them with dry cotton thread or fine cloth to maintain luster and beauty.

4. Points needing attention in use

No matter what kind of metal coated furniture legs, they should be placed gently when moving to avoid collision; Avoid touching hard metal parts, such as knives, keys, etc., to avoid scratching. Do not fold too hard to ensure that the folded part is not damaged.

Advantages of metal furniture legs

Fire prevention is mainly reflected in that the metal furniture legs can withstand fire test and minimize losses. The moisture-proof characteristics are most suitable for the south. In the vast southern region of China, as long as the temperature is 12 ~ 14 ℃ and the relative humidity exceeds 60%, it will become a paradise for mold growth and a hotbed for rust. Precious paper, documents, photos, instruments, precious drugs and various magnetic discs and films are in danger of moisture. The moisture-proof performance of fittings can solve people's troubles. In the computer age, diamagnetic performance is particularly important. Magnetic discs containing trade secrets, statistics, personal data, historical video files, precious images, CDs and other items are most afraid of sudden strong magnetic field interference. Metal furniture legs with diamagnetic characteristics can solve this kind of problem.

Disadvantages of metal furniture legs

1. The raw materials of hard cold metal furniture legs are iron and this cold-rolled steel sheet. Physical properties determine the hardness and coldness of steel furniture legs, which runs counter to the warm texture people like. Therefore, due to texture reasons, metal furniture legs are often rejected by many people.

2. Loud noise and single color. When metal furniture legs are used, due to the natural factors of materials, they will produce sounds that people don't like. In terms of color, metal furniture legs had only a single color at the beginning.

Purchase guide for metal furniture legs

1. Welded junction: all welded joints of good metal furniture leg structure are polished smooth, and then electrostatically sprayed. It is impossible for cheap goods to polish you manually.

2. Spraying: regular products can produce a set of high-quality metal furniture legs only through many processes such as degreasing, pickling and derusting, phosphating, rinsing, dust handling, powder spraying, drying, cooling and packaging.

The above is a little knowledge about metal sofa legs. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about metal furniture legs, please contact us.


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Post time: Jan-11-2022
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